I am now introducing BlueOceanMusic, a thematic music place on Audiojungle, where you can find music related to water, in all of its forms.

It is more of a passionate hobby, but at BlueOceanMusic, you can find romantic and cinematic music, happy beach music such as reggae and party music, as well as cool and strange soundscapes and ambient music. Feel free to check it out!

Happy music with whistling, ukulele, and claps.

Let me tell you a bit about what I do. I make music. Lots of it. I can't say I just started because I've been making music all my life. Creativity is what's most important for me when it comes to music, and inspiration of course!


Piano Bar Mood
Relaxing background jazz with melodic structure.

For personal use only.

It's important to stand out from the crowd, although it's not easy these days. Whatever musical project I dive into, I put my soul into it and try to visualize the emotions and everything that is connected to the music. Music has power over emotions. Emotions have power over us.

Inspiring Beauty

Beautiful piano with simple arrangements.

Hawaiian 60s
Lap steel guitar playing a simple romantic melody.


Scary terror music with orchestra and spooky sounds.

Listen to my music at

For commercial use, such as videos, ads etc. Comes in 3 different versions: Original, instrumental and alternative.

So this year I composed a little Christmas tune called "Celebrate Xmas With Me". It turned out pretty great actually and my friend Sonia Morrone sings on it. It really sets the vibe for a merry and atmospheric Christmas! Listen to the preview here:


                                              You can buy it here:

Party Boat Loop

Fun party music with a modern and fresh sound.

Shores of Time
Cinematic dreamy music with violins.

Sentimental Piano
Sad and beautiful, simple and easy.

Inspiring and magic music with violins and dreamy melodies.

​Music for logos, idents and samples 

1959 Lap Steel
Lapsteel guitar with simple band back up.

Pianodude is new project where you can hear piano based music and buy it on Audiojungle of course!


Soundscape with violins and eerie sounds.

Pacific Ocean

Ukulele and vocals, playing a dreamy Hawaiian style song.

Beautiful Thinking

Inspiring piano music with orchestra.

Chinese Village
Cinematic Asian music with flutes and romantic arrangements.

​Introducing BlueOceanMusic

M a r c u s B r e s s l e r M u s i c

Witches and Wizards
A little scary and evil, but fun and surprising.

Ancient music with flutes and apolyptic drone sounds.

Ocean Theme

Dramatic and epic music with vocals and strings mixed with electronica.