M a r c u s B r e s s l e r M u s i c

what i think/do

Well, I believe in being versatile and adaptable. With so much competition today it is an advantage to be able to play various instruments, setting up mics, record and mix. When I listen to music I also study it, hearing the instrumentation, the structure, the overall message and the mix.

I did a music video a couple of years ago, just for fun really, but it turned out pretty well.

The song is called "On a Mountain".

It's my voice, my playing and my production. And yes, that's me and my wife in the video.

other projects

I have another musical project as a hobby called Marc Jupiter. It is music inspired from 80s using sounds, synthesizers and samples from that era. I wanted to make something different and cool so I decided to put some cartoon videos to it. It turned out very well. I released an album called "Retroactivity" (press the blue button if you wanna buy it).

Check it out. If you are in to outrun electro/synthwave you will like it.