Over the years, I have collected numerous instruments from traveling and I see learning a new instrument is a challenge. It is great for the musical development and it keeps the head fresh. I started out with piano, then guitar, then bass guitar (slapping around and stuff), accordion, flutes, saxophone and drums.

This has helped me a lot when it comes to programming music. To program drums for an example, you have to think like a drummer. Piano still lies closest to my heart and I still perform occasionally as a professional pianist in private events.

composing and songwriting

When I produce music, I let it come to me. Melodies and chords come easy for most of the time. I do everything myself. That way I have 100% control of what's going on, but also because I'm sort of a lone wolf. In my studio, I have what I need to make what I want. I have guitars, piano, bass, ukuleles, charango, cavaquinho, flutes, harmonicas, lap steel guitar, accordion, saxophone just to name a few instruments. I work from idea to finished product.


I have played piano since I was 4 years old, and then there was municipality music schools. In and out of bands since early teens and then finally I headed to Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia to get a Bachelor of Popular Music.

M a r c u s B r e s s l e r M u s i c